1. BulletOur Hair Jewelry Brand


  1. BulletHair Salon : PLUIE

  13723 Fiji way unit B-1 ,Marina Del Rey CA 90292

   Appointment only    

   E-mail : info@yuyatakahashi.com


cut & easy blow dry                 from 200

bangs                                         from  20


single  process                            from 90-125

double process                            from 180-220


Treatment                                      from 65-90


half head                                    from 150-250

full head                                     from 200-300


standard                                     from 130-150

hard                                            from 150-

straight                                      from 400-

Keratin treatment

this exclusive treatment makes hair smooth, shiny, and removes the frizz + easy to blow dry.

full head                                    from 400-500

partial                                       from 225-

Extention                                       please ask

House Call                                     Double Charge & Travel fee

Wedding  set                                   please ask

Photo shoot                                     please ask

Consultation is welcome.